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Secret casino tricks are something like the Holy Grail of casino games and slot machines: Although undiscovered so far, countless players still cling to the belief in them. But what about slot machine tricks and reports of slot machine manipulation on the Internet?

Secret casino tricks and slot machine tricks

Is it possible to start a winning mode by manipulating slot machines?

Anyone who has ever lost real money on a slot machine or online slot quickly takes it personally. A near win can also make you feel like you just missed out on a great fortune. Since players often do not know exactly how a slot machine works, assumptions are quickly made. Fraudsters take advantage of this to sell their wares to the man.

Casino tricks and slot machine tricks in the form of books, eBooks, PDF documents, websites and instructions often promise a secret winning mode, winning cycle, button trick or alleged system error, through which safe winnings can be achieved if used correctly. For this, a fee is demanded, approximately between 10 € and 300 €. As an investment, this could be well worth it, but these tricks are more than dubious.

There are also instructions for the additional bet of the risk ladder, when to press the risk button and how often. There are many excuses why it did not work out for disappointed players: The combination was wrong, the button was not pressed at the right moment, only the machines of a certain series have this cycle and more. But the simplest explanation is the bitter truth: there are no Merkur tricks that trigger a winning cycle.

What are slot machine jammers?

slot machine tricks

Jammers are designed to be used on slot machines and to confuse the machine in such a way that it either ejects winnings or books money to the player’s account without real money actually being inserted. In most cases, a copper spiral is inserted into the slot. The interfering signal consists of an electromagnetic pulse that affects the electronics.

The exact outcome of such manipulation cannot be accurately predicted, as it is a very crude method. However, so-called EMP jammers have long been known to manufacturers, so modern slot games are not only equipped with metal plates for protection but also trigger an appropriate alarm when an electromagnetic pulse is detected.

What is reverse engineering of slots?

Reverse engineering is the process of taking apart and analyzing an object to understand and reproduce how it works. A Russian entrepreneur and hacker managed to do this with classic slot machines from a well-known manufacturer. He bought several old machines, readout and analyzed the software, and finally got to the random number generator. This made it possible to predict game results from identical machines.

In detail, the slot machine trick required an app and software. A player went to the casino and used his smartphone to tell an accomplice the symbols appearing on the slot machine. The software analyzed the status of the random number generator and was able to determine the next winning image. By vibrating, the smartphone signalled the player when to press the stop button. Winning millions was possible in this way.

To repeat the trick in practice today, knowledge of the machines’ software would first be needed to analyze the random number generator. In addition to the programming of the software and app, the actual win in the casino would also have to remain undetected in order to succeed with the reverse engineering trick.

Roulette Winning Strategies


Is it possible to win with a gambling system in roulette? Roulette is one of the most famous and widespread games of chance. Almost as old as the game itself are the attempts to achieve guaranteed winnings. There are three different categories of roulette tricks: Gaming strategies, physical errors or observation, and software errors.

A winning strategy prescribes stakes and behaviour to the player with the goal of making a profit in any case. This requires that previous losses are eventually recovered. Usually, this is done by increasing the stakes according to certain specifications. However, all these mathematical roulette strategies have the problem that the so-called house advantage cannot be calculated out of the game. At zero, the bank wins.

At the real roulette table, there is the possibility to observe the game and thus predict where the ball will land. Either a mechanical defect of the kettle is to be exploited or the player recognizes the croupier’s throwing technique and makes assumptions based on the kettle speed. In fact, several players have managed to make considerable winnings this way. “Kettle peeking” requires years of practice, however, and is now impossible due to computer-controlled roulette tables.

Software errors can theoretically be exploited in online casinos or on slot machines. Games in online casinos have gone through lengthy tests to be error-free. Should a cheat still be possible, affected games can simply be turned off. The terms and conditions also state that a casino is not obliged to pay out the winnings in the event of a malfunction.

Even though the Internet is full of casino tricks and instructions on how to supposedly win real money safely, these paid slot machine tricks turn out to be a waste of time and money. Even though one or the other player may be disappointed by this, this also has its good: It is still possible to win honestly and take fair chances in the arcade or online casino!

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