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In order for a gambler to enjoy an enjoyable and memorable time in a casino while taking precautions to avoid one’s losses, it is very important to follow a set of basic gambling tips or guidelines.

Understanding the game: This may seem like a very obvious rule, but you would be amazed at how many people bet on games they do not fully understand. This rule may apply more to certain games (i.e. roulette) than other games (i.e. slots), but in general, it is beneficial for a player to understand the rules of a game before betting on it.

  • Budget your money: set a limit on the money you can afford to gamble with and lose. Never exceed this amount or play with the money you can not afford to lose. Leaving your ATM cards and credit cards at home can be a good way to make sure you are not tempted to go over your budget.
  • Never borrow money to gamble: To fall into the habit of gambling with borrowed money is one of the most serious mistakes a person can make. Not only can one run the risk of falling heavily into debt and perhaps having to sell possessions to repay the borrowed money, but the risk of alienating friends and family members or annoying the “moneylender” should be reason enough to avoid this practice at all costs.
  • Pace yourself: avoid betting all your money in one go. Remember, the goal is to have fun and enjoy. If your gambling budget is $50, then place bets of $1 or $2 instead of betting the entire $50 on a single wager, losing it and walking away empty-handed. As long as the entire amount of money is not lost in a single bet, the player has a chance to win.
  • Know when to quit: Always quit while you are ahead. The best time to quit is when you are in front of the casino. Many players make the mistake of thinking that their winning streak will last forever and keep playing until they eventually lose everything. This is mainly the result of overconfidence and greed.
  • Chasing losses: “Chasing a loss” is a term used to describe the act of trying to win back money lost during a previous bet. The problem with this is that the gambler stands to lose even more money. In this case, it is better to simply accept the loss and quit or continue playing for the sole purpose of just having fun.
  • Maintain a low profile: Whether you are playing for fun or money, win or lose, always maintain a low profile in a casino. The main reason for this is that you never know what kinds of shady characters may be present in a casino. It is in the best interest of every player not to draw attention to his/her own money or winnings.
  • Emotional states: Never gamble when you are angry or depressed. Emotional states such as anger and depression usually cloud a person’s judgment and impair his/her ability to play the games properly. A person who is experiencing an intense emotional state will usually lack the ability to think as clearly as someone who is not.
  • They do not play alone: In some ways, it is better to visit a casino with friends or family members if you plan on gambling. Friends and family members will usually tell you if you are spending too much, drinking too much or not playing properly. At the very least, it is in everyone’s best interest to have a sober person in the group who can safely drive anyone home.

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