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Many casinos offer sports betting in addition to casino games, such as slot machines, table and card games – and of course, providers that offer only sports betting are also on the market. Similar to online casinos, they also offer a welcome bonus that rewards the first deposit with a free “extra amount”. Here, too, the motto is that a look at the bonus conditions is necessary to familiarize yourself with the withdrawal conditions as well.

Sports betting bonus – this is how it is claimed

The placement of sports bets is possible with most providers only after a deposit has been made. This first deposit is often rewarded with a bonus, which, for example, doubles the deposit (up to a certain amount). It is important to note a few things:

Usually, only the first deposit is rewarded. Often, the first deposit is required within a certain period of time after registration in order to use the bonus. Often, a certain minimum deposit is required to claim the bonus.

If you pay attention to these things, you will quickly enjoy the sports betting bonus. However, even experienced players should take a look at the payout conditions, because there are also some things to consider here.

Payout conditions of the sports betting bonuses

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If a sports betting bonus is claimed, the player also accepts the payout conditions, which are usually linked to a certain minimum turnover. This minimum turnover could look like this, for example:

The deposit amount including the bonus must be used at least 5 times to place sports bets before a withdrawal is made.

This means that with a total sum of 200 euros (for example deposit sum = 100 euros plus 100% bonus = 100 euros), sports bets with a stake of 1,000 euros must be placed in order to request a payout without the bonus expiring. It is important that the player observes the following rules, which determine when a bet contributes to the minimum turnover:

Bets that contribute to the minimum turnover must usually have a certain minimum odds.

Head-to-head bets, i.e. bets where there is no draw, often do not contribute to reaching the minimum turnover.

If matches are cancelled, the stake is not counted as “used”.

If the player bets on different outcomes of one or more matches, only the first bet slip with the respective match counts towards the minimum turnover.

Free bets – how it works

The welcome bonus on the first deposit is therefore linked to certain conditions with all providers. In addition to this form of bonus, however, there is also the possibility to claim a free bet – but their conditions are usually a little more extensive.

Additional conditions for free bets

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Free bets are often offered on special occasions, such as the World Cup, and are intended to facilitate entry. The stake for the bet is therefore free. Often, the conditions of the welcome bonus, for example, compliance with a minimum quota, are also used here an addition, usually applies:

The free bet can only be used for certain events.

The stake of the free bet, which the provider gives away, may not be kept if the player wins.

Although no credit is necessary for the free bet itself, often at least a deposit must have taken place beforehand so that the player “qualifies” for the free bet.

Sports betting bonuses, like casino bonuses, are a good way to boost the bankroll. It is important that the players observe the conditions so that they do not experience the blue miracle in the case of a payout. However, if you read the rules carefully, you can do a lot with the bonus money.

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