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If you want to register at an online casino, you will be inundated with bonus offers. Every provider tries to lure potential customers. It is easy to lose track of them all. Especially because each casino also has its own conditions. We tell you what to look out for in the popular welcome bonus

Gambling on the Internet: How to secure the best bonus

Virtual gambling tips

If you look around on gambling portals on the Internet, you will be overwhelmed by bonus offers. One provider tries to outbid the other. Big numbers flash up everywhere, indicating amounts that you supposedly get for free. Bonus offers have long been an integral part of every betting portal and online casino. The offer is so diverse that there are portals that list and compare them for the sake of clarity. 

Fiercely competitive gambling market

The background is quickly explained: The gambling market on the Internet is highly competitive. In order to be able to generate new customers at, the casinos advertise with so-called welcome bonuses. And because everyone does this and has been doing so for years, no provider can get around it. Rather, customers have long had the right to receive a welcome bonus. If a casino can’t offer this, they just sign up somewhere else.

The profiteers of the competition are therefore the customers, whereby one should already know what the welcome bonus is all about. Of course, these companies don’t really have anything to give away. Almost all bonuses are awarded according to the same principle. Only new customers are eligible. Sometimes a bonus code must be entered during registration, sometimes it is automatically reserved.

Doubling the first deposit

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As good as always, the bonus is linked to a deposit, especially in online casinos that offer particularly lavish bonus amounts. A bonus of 100 percent is usually paid on the first deposit, but only up to a certain maximum amount. So there is a doubling of the deposit amount. Example: If a casino offers a bonus of “100% up to 200 euros”, a new customer who makes a deposit of 50 euros will receive 50 euros as a bonus, so that he will be credited with a total of 100 euros. Particularly generous bonus offers are usually divided and can be spread over up to four deposits.

However, the providers place a number of conditions on the bonus. If you really want to play with extra money, you usually have to make your first deposit within a fairly short period of time. And even then there are a few things to consider. The most important thing is the so-called conversion frequency. Until a bonus and possibly also the winnings earned with it can actually be paid out, the bonus amount must be wagered between 20 and 50 times. With each wager, the risk of losing the bonus increases, of course. Sometimes the providers limit the ability to convert the bonus to a few, often unattractive games.

So, if you really want to get something out of your bonus, you have to know exactly what to do. In the betting sector, however, there are also some providers that grant a bonus completely without a deposit. However, with an average of ten euros, this bonus is significantly lower and, of course, also subject to conditions.

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